News from Buluk 1994-1999

(compiled by Ghanatta Ayaric, Danlardy Leander Amoak and Franz Kröger)


Annotation: Since data of recent events collected in the Bulsa area did not arrive before the copy dead-line of this journal, we have published a list of more or less important events from the last five years. The selection is incomplete and perhaps even in need of corrections. Though the facts were collected from various sources(1), the schedule is not only Germany-centred but also Wiaga-centred, because the main informant, Mr Danlardy Amoak Leander, lives there. Nevertheless we hope that every reader will find some interesting news and facts hitherto unknown to him or her.

The data marked " GHP" have been adopted in an abridged form from the Ghana Home Page of the Internnet ( The Ghana Home Page is a rich source for information on Ghana, the UER and, to a lesser degree, also on the Bulsa District. Since we are planning an article on "Bulsa in the Internet", please, let us know if you have found any more interesting addresses and links.



22-3-94 District Assembly elections in Bulsa District. In Wiaga the following representatives are elected: 1. Sinyangsa: Mr Aneateba Sylvester; 2. Wiaga Central, which comprises Yisobsa, Guuta, Kpaandem, Dogbilinsa and Kom as well: Mr Apeck Jerome; 3. Wabilinsa: Mr Azong; 4. Chiok: Mr Anangbeung; 5. Faransa: Mr. Dominic Amoasa; 6. Longsa: Mr Gerard Atayaaba; 7. Yimonsa: Mr Abachingsa; 8. Baandema: Mr Azong

2-5-94 Inservice training course on mathematics for primary 1, 2, and 3 teachers at SanJuSS

1-6-94 Teachers go on strike for two weeks to demand higher salaries and attention on other grievances

26-6 / 1-8-94 Franz Kröger (Germany) does field research on the "Material culture of the Bulsa"

16-9-94 Bees invade Wiaga market and everybody has to 'enjoy' the market at Gonsa lorry park. Farmers are mercilessly stung by bees in Sinyangsa-Badomsa..

7-7-94 - 10-7-94 Second funeral (juka) of the late Wiaga-naab

8-10-94 Second meeting of Wiaga Community members to discuss the coming of the Akosombo electric supply (Sandema has been supplied with electric power for some time); meeting organised by the Wiaga Town Council Committee.

16-10-94 Wiaga Youth Association and Executive Leaders meet to discuss the development of the area. the following leaders are present: 1. Wiaga Town Council Executives, 2. All Wiaga Assemblymen, 3. Wiaga N.D.C. Executives, 4. WIYA (Wiaga Youth Association), 5. Wiag-naab, 6. Women-leaders, 7. Wiaga Youngsters Association Executives.

30-11-94 Death of Mr Gerard A. Atayaba (teacher / NFED), District Officer for Bulsa District

2-12-94 National Farmers' Day (of the Upper East Region) at Sandema

12-12-94 A talk delivered by the Ministry of health on AIDS in Wiaga. The Chief, sub-chiefs and many people attend. The Chief-house-drummers and Anamogsi's band entertain people.

14-12-94 Fiok Festival at Sandema Community Park. Participants: Rt. Hon. Sir Azantilow Sandem-Naab, all Bulsa-chiefs, Bolgatanga-Chief, Navro-Pio, Chana-Pio, the Regional Secretary and many other opinion leaders as well as heads of department etc.

Dec. 1994 - March 1995 Dr. Barbara Meier and Dr. Ulrike Blanc carry out anthropological field- research in Bulsa


8-2-95 Prize giving day at Fumbisi: A crown and an amount of Cedis 250 000.00 are offered to Chiok Primary School. Present at the durbar are U.S. delegates, the District Chief Executive, Director of Education, the Fumbisi and Wiesi Chiefs and other invited guests.

28-2-95 The new Siniensi-Chief, Mr. Gilbert A. Afulaang is enstooled at Sandema Old Law Court. Other contestants: Mr Daniel Syme, District Secretary, from Ajingboruk Yeri, Mr Robert Anisomyaasa of Siniensi chief house.

16-3-95 By-election campaign starts in Wiaga (after the death of the former assemblyman Gerard Atayaba).

March 95 A professional camera-team with Mrs Monika Kovacsics (author and producer), one cameraman and one sound-engineer from the German Television Company "Südwestfunk" (SWF) arrive in the Bulsa-area to shoot a film about the Tallensi visiting the Bulsa at the beginning of the rainy season. The sacrifices are filmed at Akanguli Yeri (Wiaga). Bulsa assistants are Owen Agoldem, Danlardy Leander and others. The film, titled "Die Regenmacher" (The rain-makers) is broadcast on German Television (SWF) on November 15, 1995.

18-4-95 Three girls from Sinyangsa-Kubelinsa drown in Abambula Dam. All were school children at Abuluk Primary / JSS

29-5-95 Ministry of Agric Office moves from Wiaga to Sandema

29-7-95 Emmanuel Adeboa from Sinyangsa-Sichaasa ordained as a catholic priest

20-9-95 Death of the Kadema Chief Felix Adaamgabey

1-10-95 Voters' new registration in Ghana


March / April 1996: Dr. Ulrike Blanc and Dr. Christiana Lüttkes visit the Bulsa area for anthropological field-research.

18-7-96 The German ambassador (Accra) hands over 30 Buli-English Dictionaries to Mr Daniel A. Syme, District Chief Executive of the Bu(i)lsa District. The books should be used in 30 selected Bulsa schools (cf. Ghanaian Times 19/7/1996)

16-12-96 Annual Fiok Festival filmed on video by Mr and Mrs Harald Rulinski of Celle (Germany) and Gbedema (Ghana) respectively. The film has been shown a number of times on Ghana Television.



24-6-97 (GHP) Worshop on "guidance and counselling in schools" organised by the Ghana Education Service in Sandema; address by Mr Jacob Ibn Asigiri (district director of education); 75 participants (teachers of the Bulsa District)

July 97 At the instance of F. Kröger some experienced blacksmiths of Apie Yeri (Wiaga-Chiok) smelt old hoe-blades to produce new iron tools. As this procedure is since decades almost extinct (since has died out for some decades), the oldest blacksmiths of Chiok had to give instructions (documentation by colour slides: F. Kröger)

13-8-97 (GHP) The Community-Based Development Programme (sponsored by UNICEF) is making the desired impact.... 10 hand-pumps have been repaired in Sandema and a number of improved latrines constructed.

14-8-97 (GHP) The Catholic Relief Services is to provide feeding for the pupils of St. Francis and Azenab primary schools in Wiaga. The Parent Teacher Association agrees to build two kitchens and provide fuel wood. - Madame Melaney Akankyalabey, Builsa district manager of Catholic schools, appealed to the parents at a meeting to desist from subjecting their daughters to female genital mutilation.

18-8-97 (GHP) Inauguration of the District Education oversight Commitee at Sandema; Mr Daniel Syme, Builsa District Chief Executive, appeals to the teachers in the district.

21-8-97 (GHP) Wiaga-Naab Asiuk Akanfeba-Nyota appeals to the government and non-governmental organisations for food aid during the extended lean season.

1-9-97 (GHP) Workshops have been organized for teachers of English Language in Fumbisi, Wiaga, Chuchuliga and Sandema by the Ghana Educational Service (Sandema); 217 English Language teachers aree introduced to the techniques of teaching children how to read and wirte good English after 12 weeks teaching. Mr Jacob Ibn Asigiri, District Director of Education, announces that 73 newly trained teachers have been posted to the district.

13-11-97 Death of Akpiedem, Sinyangsa sub-headman

12-12-97 School children, teachers and headmasters of various schools attend the first Rawlings Party at Sandema.

16-12-97 Bulsa's annual Fiok festival celebration in Sandema: war dances, shooting-competition, drumming and dancing

24-12-97 The Reverend Father Caesar Atuire serves his first Holy Mass in the Bulsa District (in the Sandema Catholic Church)


23-1-98 Death of the President of the 3rd Republic of Ghana - Dr. Hilla Limman, the leader of the Peoples National Party (P.N .P)

March 98 Dr. Barbara Meier does anthropological field research among the Bulsa.

March 98 Anne Schwarz (Berlin) starts her linguistic research in Buluk.

23-3-98 Death of Ex Sgt. Jack Mahoney, Militia Commander in the Bulsa District; buried at Wiaga Cemetary.

16-5-98 Introducing candidates for Assembly men and Unit Committee leaders of Wiaga sections

14-7-98 Church of Pentecost offers free treatment to sick people in Wiaga and shows a film in the night.

31-7 / 1-8-98 Girl Child Education workshop with sectional community leaders, teachers, headteachers and two Canadian ladies in Wiaga. Main topics of discussion: "Why girls normally drop out of school without going further or completing". Main points raised: 1. Maid-servancy, 2. teenage pregnancies, 3. early marriage, 2. poverty, 5. peer groups, 6. lack of teachers etc.

12 / 13-8-98 Inauguration and swearing in of newly elected Assemblymen and Unit Committee leaders for the various sections of Wiaga

14-8-98 Election of District Executives of the New Patriotic Party (N.P.P.) for Presidential and Parliamentary elections (2000). Members elected: 1. Atiinka Abakisi - Chairman, Sandema, 2. Andrew Alakawon - Secretary - Sandema, 3. Atupoak Akinla : Treasurer, Wiaga

17-9-98 Wiaga-Naab celebrates the feast of his late grandfather, Chief Azenab. A holy mass is celebrated for him.

1-10-98 Voters' new registration in Ghana


5-1-99 Outdooring of Wiaga-Naab with an open-air mass service by Fr. J. Grosskinsky at the Wiaga Chief's palace. Opening of the Wiaga Community Center is commissioned by Wiaga-Naab and officers of the District Assembly; first time of introducing Wiaga-Naab to the entire people of Wiaga

17-2-99 First rain showers in Buluk from 1.30 a.m to 11.30 a.m. the following morning. Most areas are completely wet.

6-3-99 Winners of the "Best Teacher's Award" are given prizes at Sandema by the District Director of Education, District Chief Executive and other officers.

31-3-99 (GHP) Approval has been given for the maintenance of fee4der roads... (e.g.) the 25 km Sandema-Doninga-Bechuasi road, the 7.4 km Chuchuliga-Awolasi-Zone "T" road ... the programme includes the construction of culverts, refilling of bad spots and creation of drainage systems.

9-6-99 (GHP) Sandema: workshop on the exemption of vulnarable groups from payment of hospital fees; Dr Jonathan Adda, district director of health services, said that... pregnant women are to receive ante-natal services for the first four visits, while people above 70 years, children under five years, and victims of snake and dog bites will also receive free medical treatment.

15-6-99 (GHP) Mr Samuel Nuamah Donkor (Ministry of Health) delivers a speech on "Good eyesight fro active ageing" in Sandema

12-7-99 (GHP) Sandema Water and Sanitation Development Board increases tariffs on potable water by 50 per cent

19-7-99 (GHP) School-enrolment at the beginning of the academic year: Admission into day care centres: 1,211 girls, 1,171 boys; primary schools: 6,121 girls, 5,355 boys; attending the 22 junior secondary schools: about 1,200 girls, a little over 9,000 boys