Agoldem Owen (Wiaga)

New Projects in Wiaga

1. Water Aid Ghana Ltd., a N.G.O. (Non Government Organisation), in collaboration with the Bible Church of Africa has built hand-dug wells to be fitted with hand-pumps in the Bulsa District. In Wiaga alone five communities have benefitted from the project so far; more than ten will have and over fifteen houses have pit latrines already. Beneficiary Communities provided communal labour, sand and stones. The five-year-programme will continue next year to serve communities which did not benefit this year (1001).

2. There are high hopes for the people of the Bulsa District, especially Wiaga, upon the discovery of gold in Wiaga-Zamsa and Kadema. When this comes to a reality, there shall be a lot of development in the District thus reducing the drifting of the youth to the South in search of greener pastures.

3. The long awaited construction of a road from Wiaga Centre (Gonsi) to Wiaga-Chiok, which was initiated by the Bulsa North MP, Basil Anurika, is now about to take off and this shall bring a great relief to the Chiok community, as two big rivers have cut them off especially during epi-demics, as they normally could not cross to either the clinic or the hospital for treat-ment.

4. The Wiaga citizens resident in Accra have presented text books and library books worth over a million Cedis to the Chief of Wiaga as their contribution towards the opening of a library in the Wiaga Com-munity Centre. Plans are already far advanced for the opening of the library very soon to help boost the reading capacity of students.

5. The Electricity Project in Wiaga, which came to a standstill after the elections, is now receiving serious attention and will soon take off. Most houses and shops have been wired already waiting for the con-nection of power. When this happens jobs of all sorts will be opened in the village for the youth and women especially in income generating activities.


Picture above: Water pipes under construction in Sandema.