Margaret Lariba Arnheim and Franz Kröger

The Gbedema Project: Christian Mothers

Some time ago in Gbedema a group of catholic   women met and discussed how - on their own ini-tiative - they could improve conditions in Gbedema and further a modern development and progress. It was good luck for this group that Margaret Lariba Arnheim (nee Bawa), herself a woman from Gbedema, took up the same idea of progress and development and discussed it with a group consisting of about eight catholic and non-catholic women of Ochtrup (Westphalia). This group is called Frauen helfen Frauen in der Einen Welt (Women help Women in the One World). From time to time they organise Mass Service, meetings and bazaars.

In summer 2000 this group together with Margaret, her daughter Adelesui (aged 15), a student from Sierra Leone and another lady from Ghana organized an "Africa Day". Most of the profit was given to Margaret for the women in Gbedema. It was 1100 German Marks (Euro 562.42), which Margaret rounded up to 3 Milllion Cedis. When she was in Gbedema, the women called for a meeting and Margaret told them about the money and its source. Together they discussed the present situation in Gbedema and the women brought forward their needs and plans:

1. The Clinic needs at least one more room.

2. The women need a room for their sheanut processing machine.

3. The schools already need renovation and some chairs.

4. Help for the school in (Gbedema-) Kunkwak.

5. Help for primary school kids from Jagsa.

6. Building a room for service and other celebrations.

Margaret left the money for the women with Father Grosskinsky (Catholic Mission of Wiaga).

In September 2001 two German groups, "Frauen helfen Frauen in der Einen Welt" (see above) and "Eine Welt Gruppe" (One-World-Group) exhibited goods of different countries for sale at a small Catholic Church Congress at Welbergen (Westphalia): baskets and clothes from Africa, storm lanterns and silk cloth from India, jewelry from Mexico, scarfs from Pakistan, coffee from South America and soapstone carvings from Kenia. The bazaar "Miteinander für die Eine Welt" (Jointly for the One World) was a success for all participants and the net profit of 880 German Marks (Euro 449.94) was given to Margaret Arnheim, who will hand it over to a Gbedema committee on her visit to Accra in December 2001. The money will be used for buying e.g. school-benches for Gbedema and an electric sewing machine for a single mother in Accra to help her and her children.