Franz Kröger

The Kadema Goldmine

Note: As it was not possible for me to get any official data on the Kadema mining project, I must rely on my own observations and the information of non-experts. Further particulars and corrections of mistakes are welcome.

At the end of the 1990s experts from outside the Bulsa District examined the land for potential gold deposits. Near Kadema, but also in some parts of Wiaga (Zamsa?) they found traces of the desired mineral. In the following years a small mine in the Northwest of Kadema-centre sprang up.

Accompanied by four young men from the Kadema Chief's House I visited the site in March 2001. It was certainly not (yet) an area with a typical industrial character. As there was a big funeral taking place in the neighbourhood, no worker could be seen to give us more information.

Protected by a black tent to keep rain-water from pouring into the pit, we could see a manhole of several meters' depth, from which a tunnel branched off near the bottom to lead to the main working place of the miners. Not far from the pit there was a diesel-generator for producing electricity for the pump and light (see photo below). Around the deep pit we could see self-made sieves, holes for surface mining and wash-basins, some of them made waterproof by cement-plaster (see photo above).

I could not find any facts about the profitability of the mine and about any plans for further projects in the Bulsa area. But you need not be a person gifted with a strong fantasy to imagine what fundamental change gold-industry might bring about in the Bulsa area: in the environment, population move-ments, economic and financial conditions, settlements and industrial buildings etc. It is not up to me to balance the advantages and disadvantages for the Bulsa people.