The Parliamentary and Presidential Elections of December 7th (2004)

Candidates, Campaigns and Results in the Bulsa District



Election of Parliamentary Candidates within the Parties

Between April and December 2004 the political parties met to nominate their parliamentary candidates for the forthcoming elections.


April 6th: (GHP) Mr Theodore Ayaric, an accountant at the Upper East Regional Co-ordinating Council (RCC) was elected Parliamentary Candidate for the Bulsa South Constituency on the ticket of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Fumbisi. He polled 32 votes to beat Mr Basko Kante, a deputy Minister in the Third Republic, who got 18 votes... At the end of the election, the two contestants embraced each other, pledging to work together to bring victory to the party... Mr Ayaric said that if given the mandate, he would work towards making the Fumbisi valley one of the largest rice growing areas in Ghana through collaborations with local and foreign investors...



July 15th: NDC candidates for the Builsa North Constituency were Mr Timothy Atabodaley from Wiaga-Chiok and Mr Syme from Siniensi. At the meeting of the Bulsa NDC members Mr Timothy won by 79 votes against 58 votes for Mr Syme.


August 25th: PNC delegates met to elect their M.P. candidate. Mr. Thomas Akum-yong (Akum Young) won by 89 votes against 42 votes for Lawyer Amoak.


October - November: As part of the election campaign for the December 7th parliamentary and presidential election several politicians of high rank visited the Bulsa area: Vice-President Alhaji Aliu Mahama (June 5), Prof. John E. Atta Mills (NDC, July 11), President J.A. Kufuor (NPP, Oct 10), Dr. Edward Mahama (PNC, Nov 3), Vice-President Alhaji Aliu Mahama (Nov. 15), Prof. John E. Atta Mills and the former President J.J. Rawlings (NDC, Nov 20).





Builsa North       Candidate                                       Party              Vote Count    Vote %

                            Ms Agnes Chigabatia                        NPP                6160                    33,7

                            Timothy Atabodaley                          NDC               6147                    33.6

                            Akum Young Thomas                       PNC                5657                    31

                            Ms Grace Abaayiak                          CPP                  309                      1.7

Builsa South       Abolimbisa Akantagriwen                 NDC               4820                      44

                            Theodore Ayaric                               NPP               3413                      31.2

                            Achianah Amoabil                             PNC               2631                      24

                            Daniel Collins                                    CPP                    83                       0.8


PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS (Valid votes: 17930, rejected votes: 0)

Builsa North       Pres. Candidate                           Party              Vote Count    Vote %

                            John Atta Mills                              NDC                   7913                44.1

                            John Agyekum Kufuor                  NPP                    5732                 32

                            Edward Mahama                Grand Coalition              3841                 21.4

                            George Aggudey                           CPP                      444                  2.5

Builsa South       (Valid votes: 10906, rejected votes: 0)

                            John Atta Mills                              NDC                   5254                 48.2

                            John Agyekum Kufuor                  NPP                     3057                28

                            Edward Mahama                Grand Coalition               2477                22.7

                            George Aggudey                           CPP                       118                 1.1


Ms Agnes Chigabatia (NPP) and Abolimbisa Akantagriwen (NDC) will represent the Bulsa in the new parliament. The former president John Agyekum Kufuor was reelected President of the Republic of Ghana.