Bulsa-Films on German TV

On May 4, 2005 (8.45 p.m.) the Hessische Rundfunk, a German TV channel, presented a short film on the Bulsa as part of a series called "Abenteuer Erde" (Adventure Earth). The film was the product of a three-men team: Miriam Grabenheinrich (ethnologist and journalist) as producer and author, Oliver Kampmann, the camera-man, and Franz Kröger, the ethnological adviser. Right from the start of their work they found an enthusiastic assistant in Yaw Akumasi from Wiaga-Yisobsa. Many of the shots were taken in Anyenangdu Yeri (Wiaga-Sinyansa-Badomsa). Thanks are therefore due to to Anamogsi, the yeri-nyono (head) of the compound and its inhabitants, who co-operated full-heartedly and efficiently. Other places of action within the Bulsa area were the neighbouring compound Atinang Yeri, Yaw's small compound which he calls Ajesu Yeri, Sandema market, Sandema computer centre, the Paramount Chief's Compound and others. The teams's aim was to make several films for German TV channels, both to show the beauties of Northern Ghanaian scenery and settlements and the hospitality of their people, as well as to highlight the transition of a society placed between a strong cultural tradition and the influences of today. The film shown on May 4 is concerned with the contrast between an old landlord and earth priest (Anamogsi), who in spite of his traditional mentality is open for modern influences and his grandson Yaw, who attends computer courses and has been influenced deeply by his Christian belief. The ethnographer (F. Kröger) is something like a link between the two mentalities, as he tries to learn about Bulsa culture from his main informant Anamogsi while being helped by his assistant Yaw, who, through the ethnologist, finds a new way to the old traditions of his own culture.

On June 29, 2005 (7.30 p.m.) the WDR (West German Broadcasting, "Lokalzeit") presented a short film on the Bulsa in Ghana and the Bulsa exhibition planned for June 30.

In the Bulsa exhibition three films shot in the Bulsa area in March 2005 by the above mentioned Ghana-team are shown on separate monitors. --- fk

Miriam Grabenheinrich and the camera-team of the WDR Münster