Healing and Preaching: The Church of the Lord


When Mrs Assibi (born 1953 in Sandema) stayed in Obuasi (Southern Ghana) she converted first to the Church of Pentecost and afterwards to the Church of the Lord. In the 1960s she started to preach and heal there. When she came back to Sandema, she united with Akawuruk (see above) and opened a branch of the Church in Wiaga-Bachinsa.

Near the local compound of her husband she built a church and a kind of clinic, where patients are admitted for a more intensive treatment. As medicine she uses local herbs and above all clear water, which she mixes with a certain liquid. She buys it in a Navrongo drug-store in sealed bottles, probably imported from the USA (label: Florida Water, Cologne, for external use only). Before she give the local concoctions and the diluted Florida Water to her patients to drink, she prays over them.

At her clinic there is also a small chapel and a big cross on an open space. Her adherents, sometimes only a few, sometimes up to hundred, meet here every Sunday. They listen to Mrs. Assibi’s preaching, pray and sing together and the sick ones drink the healing medicine.