Adama Idrisu Kanbarra in an interview given on January 27, 2005


                                      The Muslim Community of Sandema


Nobody knows exactly when the first Muslims came to Sandema, but it was certainly before the birth of the present chief of Sandema [i.e. in the second half of the 19th century]. The first Liman (Imam) of Sandema was Usman, a Kantusi. He built the first mosque, which no longer exists today. He was followed by his son Ali Kaali, after whom Amadu became the spiritual leader of the Sandema Muslims, although he never acquired the full authority of a Liman. His successor Adama, like all his predecessors a Kantusi, is the present Liman of Sandema.

Today, there are two mosques in Sandema: the Central Mosque in the north of the market, not far from the Navrongo Road (see photo), where all Moslems meet for Friday prayers and the “local mosque” near “Good Family Shop”. Sandema Muslims practise their religion in the Sunnite form. Today, according to Adama, there are about 600 Muslims in Sandema, including children.














From an interview with Liman Tahiru


     The Muslim Community of Wiaga 


Muslim life in Wiaga started more than eight years ago (1997 or before), when Baba Tanko (see photo) made his own house the centre of prayers and other religious activities. Some time later Amadu, a Bulsa from Wiaga Sinyangsa, who was living in Walewale (Northern Region), sent a group of Moslems to Wiaga.

The present Liman of Wiaga and informant of this article is Mr Tahiru (see photo). On December 27, 2004 the Muslims started to build their first mosque (see photo). Today (January 2005) the Wiaga community consists of 42 adults and approximately 15 children. Like the Muslims of Sandema they are all Sunnites.