Some remarks on the internet-edition of Buluk

We are happy to present BULUK 4 and extracts of BULUK 1-3 on the internet. This change of medium of publication is not only because we wish to be up-to-date, but also for the following reasons:

1) Costs: Issuing a copy in this way is cheaper both for the editors and for the readers. The price of 2 Euros per printed copy did not even cover half of the expenses involved, since, in Ghana, we had to distribute the copies free of charge. On the other hand, for many prospective readers the price was very or even too high.

2) The internet edition will increase the number of readers, as it is also accessible to persons who have never had any contacts to the editors.

3) We can put every article or note on the internet immediately after receiving it. So the momentary website will always be topical and up-to-date. Any mistakes can be corrected on discovering them and articles which are completely out-of-date can be removed.

4) The black-and-white photocopies of original colour photos in the printed issues of BULUK 1-3 were certainly not of high quality. Without increasing the costs they can be replaced by colour photos, and in BULUK 4 and future copies their number can be increased.

5) The website guarantees closer contact to readers. Positive remarks in e-mails will encourage us to continue in our endeavours to become an organ of communication for the Bulsa and their well-wishers. But we would also welcome criticism, corrections and suggestions for improvement.

We know, of course, that an internet-journal has great drawbacks: it can reach only those with an internet connection, and all the people in the Bulsa District will be excluded from it. So it will be necessary to prepare a printed version of about 50 copies for distribution in the Bulsa area and to be given to institutes and libraries.

At last a word on copyright. Readers of our earlier numbers will have noticed that there was no note prohibiting copying articles or even complete issues of BULUK. The same applies to our internet issue. Editing BULUK has never been a commercial enterprise and on principle we welcome any circulation of articles, if the source (name of the author, number and page of BULUK) is stated. So we welcome old and new readers to our new website and hope that they will enjoy reading BULUK. fk