Four years have passed since the last issue of Buluk. This long interval is less due to the editors being unwilling or occupied with other things, than to the fact that the Buluk journal has developed more or less towards being an Internet Journal. The first articles of Buluk 5 appeared already soon after no 4 had been printed.

Our main topic in the new number is cultural and social change. Until the 1980s, change and progress seemed to proceed only in slow motion and, in the periods of economic crises, the outside observer might have had the impression that progress was moving backwards. When fuel became so scarce that kerosine lamps could not be used, some people started employing their old ceramic shea butter lamps again.

In the 1990s, however, change and progress towards a modern westernized society proceeded at a terrific speed. But although tractors, grinding machines and electric tools started to make hard work somewhat easier and radios, mobile telephones and fridges became welcome leisure-time conveniences, the drawbacks of modern society, such as exaggerated love of pleasure, alcoholism and environmental pollution also started to intrude into the Bulsa area.

Our new edition can tackle only a few of these positive and negative changes. We thank all those who contributed articles, photos or just advice and criticism and thus helped us in the production of Buluk 5.





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