The Parliamentary and Presidential Elections of December 7th, 2008


A long time before the Ghanaian December Elections, people in African and other countries feared that, as in Nigeria, Kenia and Simbabwe, the elections might result in riots. Opposition parties and other political institutions were also worried about the possibility of the governing party making use of its institutionalised advantage for manipulation.

After the conclusion of the two ballots such apprehensions, in spite of minor administrative problems, proved to be unfounded. Both the election campaign and voting were carried out so peacefully and in accordance with democratic principles that a German Journal (Giga Focus) titled an article with reference to Ghana “Africa’s new model?”

In the Bulsa District, the political parties put up the candidates for the two constituencies (Bulsa North and Bulsa South). There were no independent candidates and neither of the former Members of Parliament re-elected. In 2008 a majority of Bulsa South voted for Alhassan Azong (PNC), who, a short time later, was nominated Minister of State by John Atta Mills, the new president of the Republic. 43% of Bulsa North elected Ataboadey Timothy (NDC) as the new M.P.







Builsa North        Candidate                                       Party       Vote Count    Vote %

                             Awontiirim Ataboadey Timothy        NDC        8259                43.09

                             Agnes A. Chigabatia                        NPP         6,988               36.46

                             Thomas Akum-Yong                       PNC         3,361              17.54

                             Dominic Davinus Atibil                    CPP         557                   2.91 


Builsa South         Alhassan Azong                               PNC         4047               36.49

                             Abolimbisa Roger Akantagriwen       NDC        3988               35.96

                             Akaachobli Kojo Daniel                   NPP         2938               26.49

                             Daniel Kwallinjam Junde                 CPP          58                    0.52

                             Gifty Ajavuuk                                 DFP          39                   0.35

                             Akaba Eric                                      DPP          22                   0.20


 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS (December 7th, 2008)


Builsa North        Pres. Candidate                              Party       Vote Count    Vote %

                             John Atta Mills                                NDC        11,352            59.0

                             Nana Akufo-Addo                           NPP          6,080             31.6

                             Edward Mahama                             PNC          1,130              5.9

                             Papa Kwesi Nduom                         CPP          417                 2.2

                             Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah                    Ind.           90                   0.5

                             Emmanuel Ansah-Antwi                   DFP          89                   0.5

                             Thomas Nuako Ward-Brew              DPP          42                   0.2

                             Kwabena Adjei                                RPD          30                   0.2


Builsa South        Pres. Candidate                              Party       Vote Count    Vote %

                             John Atta Mills                                NDC         4,552            42.1

                             Nana Akufo-Addo                           NPP          2,959            27.4

                             Edward Mahama                             PNC          3,109            28.8

                             Papa Kwesi Nduom                         CPP          40                   0.4

                             Kwesi Amoafo-Yeboah                    Ind.           36                   0.3 

                             Emmanuel Ansah-Antwi                   DFP          63                   0.6

                             Thomas Nuako Ward-Brew             DPP          29             0.3

                             Kwabena Adjei                                RPD          21             0.2


RUNOFF ELECTIONS (December 28th, 2008)


Builsa North        Pres. Candidate                              Party       Vote Count    Vote %

                             John Atta Mills                                NDC         12,808            67.4

                             Nana Akufo-Addo                            NPP          5,863             30.9

                             Rejected                                                              319              1.7

                             Total                                                               18,990            100       


Builsa South        Pres. Candidate                              Party       Vote Count    Vote %

                             John Atta Mills                                NDC          7,429             72.4

                             Nana Akufo-Addo                            NPP          2,607             25.4

                             Rejected                                                              223               2.2

                             Total                                                              10,295             100