Theresia Junker (Münster)


Maaka is the name of a new NGO in Germany. A group of Ghanaians and Germans - both men and women - have jointly founded the organization whose non-profit status has been approved. Most members of Maaka have already been working privately with and for the Bulsa people to improve the living conditions of the children, families and groups. Thus, it seemed advisable to establish Maaka as a registered organisation (e. V. = eingetragener Verein). The name Maaka means "help" and our mission is to "help people to help themselves".

Gbedema Primary School (2011)


Unlike big global organisations (like the Red Cross, Misereor, Terre des Hommes etc.) Maaka will not be able to carry out extensive projects comprising large areas with a high number of people profiteering from them. The great advantage of Maaka, as compared to other NGOs, is the members’ good knowledge of the situation in the Bulsa District which enables them to help quickly and without much bureaucratic effort.

In addition to the material support for education, livelihood and health, Maaka would like to contribute to an international understanding, particularly between Bulsa and Germans. And what would be better suited to this purpose than a partnerships between schools in Germany and Bulsaland? In fact, a partnership between the Peter-Visher-Grundschule (a primary school in Dortmund, Germany) and a primary school in Gbedema has already been established. The young partners have begun exchanging letters and photos and close friendship ties are expected to develop. As it was done in the past, members of our organisation will continue to visit the Bulsa from year to year in order to maintain friendship ties and help wherever urgently needed.



Some of the founding members, from left to right:

Franz Kröger, Margaret Lariba Arnheim, Gisela-Maria Brüggemann, Evelyn Ackers, Theresia Junker