Franz Kröger


Producing drinking water in Wiaga



Water sachet (0,5 lt)

One of the paramount concerns of Europeans and Ghanaians visiting Bulsaland is the availability of good drinking water. I

Mr Simon Agbata in his water factory

n the preceding twenty years a host of boreholes have been dug, and in the next years more and more villages will be connected to the general waterpipe-system (see article in Buluk no. 6).

In the big market squares, sterile water sachets are offered to thirsty visitors who need

a low-priced refreshment without having to go to a drinking bar. During my earlier stays in Buluk, I often suffered from amoebic dysentery. Since I gave up filtering my water and began drinking only from water sachets, all of my health problems have disappeared.

The production of these sachets in three Sandema water-factories has secured the supply of potable water for Sandema and the bigger villages. In 2008 the first water factory of Wiaga was founded by Mr Abisa (Longsa) on his own initiative and funded with his own money.

Mr Simon Agbata, the present manager and nephew of the founder, was interviewed on January 28th, 2011. He told me that in the hot season the factory produces 2500 water bags consisting of 30 sachets each, which are sold in shops for 1 GhC [0.50 €, i.e. less than 0.02 € for one sachet].

The firm is also responsible for the distribution of the bags in other Bulsa villages, e.g. Kadema, Gbedema and Fumbisi.

Water bags in the factory