Editors of Buluk 8

Ghanatta Ayaric, StR

Isestr. 32; D 20144 Hamburg (Germany)

phone: Germany 040-408920


Dr. Franz Kröger

Benninghauser Heide 54, D59556 Lippstadt (Germany)

phone: Germany 02945-5953


Associate Editor: Prof. Dr. Marcus Watson (USA)


Our special thanks go to Winston Atigsi-badek Afoko (a.k.a. Slim), Mathias Apen and Gbedembilisi Chief Amalugsi Atirekpere III for various kinds of assistance given us while work on this edition was in progress.

Note for Contributors

All copies should be sent either to Franz Kröger or Ghanatta Ayaric (addresses see above). The text of the contribution should be written as a typescript, a CD/DVD or an e-mail attachment. Authors of long articles are requested to add (if possible) their portrait photo (e.g. passport-size) and, should the occasion arise, photos and drawings illustrating the articles. On the average, the articles should not exceed five pages. Shorter articles, small notes, letters to the editors etc. are welcome. Authors’ royalties or compensations for expenses (paper, photocopies etc.) cannot be paid, but the contributors will receive one free copy of the journal.

In order to facilitate the work of the editors the following guidelines should be followed (paid attention to):

1. Avoid underlining words or sentences

2. Bold text should only be used in headlines

3. Foreign words, including Buli, in the English text should be italized. Proper names of persons and geographical names should not be italized.

4. Mention all the sources of text or photos which were not produced by yourself.

5. Orthography: Ethnic names, which have a plural form in the vernacular language, should not be suffixed by the English plural -s, for example:

Bulsa (not Bulsas), Mamprusi (not Mamprusis)

6. We prefer the following spellings: Bulsa (not Builsa), ch instead of ky (Chuchuliga instead of Kyukyuliga, cheng instead of kyeng), j instead of gy (jenta instead of gyenta).

7. In accordance with British capitalisation, use capital initials in proper names, e.g. Bulsa, Buli, Buluk, Kasem, (not bulsa, buli, buluk, kasem).

8. We are used to the spelling Fiok and miena (all), instead of Feok and meina, although the latter spellings are quite common today.



The copyright belongs to the authors of the articles and to the publishers of the journal.

Quotations and even the adoption of longer parts of articles are welcome, if at least the name of the author and the name, number and year of the journal are mentioned at a clearly visible place (spot?), e.g. “Evans Atuick, Buluk 7, 2013”. In internet quotations a hyperlink may be given to the specific number of Buluk. For the publication of complete articles the permission of the publishers should be requested.


Internet address:

www. buluk.de


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