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Tiffany Kim - Volunteering From the Heart


Sandema, Upper East, Ghana


It was almost a full year ago that Tiffany E. Kim said goodbye to her family and friends in Washington DC, and boarded a plane for Ghana, ready to begin her work as a volunteer with HCC [Horizons Children’s Centre, Sandema]. With a radiant smile and boundless energy and angelic singing voice, Tippy (as she came to be known by everyone in Sandema) quickly and easily won over the hearts of everyone at HCC.

Within her first few weeks of arriving, Tippy had already set about researching and writing proposals for various grants, something that became part of her daily routine. Of course,

Tiffany Kim at Horizons Children's Centre

Tippy also dedicated a great deal of her time to working with our HCC students. She helped them study in the evenings, planned wonderful arts and crafts, made beautiful posters, and set up an innovative Skype ‘cultural exchange’ between HCC and students at Nelson Mandela Park Public School in Toronto.

This rich learning opportunity was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved. In June, Tiffany’s time with HCC transitioned into an amazing and unexpected job opportunity as a Trip Leader for Operation Groundswell in Ghana. The job offer could not have gone to a more deserving candidate, and best of all, this role was based partly in Sandema, giving us all a little more ‘Tippy’ time.

Now that she has returned to Washington DC, we want to officially thank Tiffany Kim for her hard work and long-term dedication to HCC. We know that many accomplishments lie ahead for this talented young woman!


Website: www.horizonscentre.org