Roger Achumlebek

A Report on BMY’s Vacation Classes Held at WIASEC 11th August to 11th September 2014

Teachers and participants of the vacation classes

The maiden edition of the Bulubisa Meina Yeri’s (BMY) vacation classes started on the 11th of August and ended on 11th September 2014. They were purposely meant for students of the Wiaga Senior High School. However, other students from other secondary schools were allowed to take part.

The students were given free tuition in the core subjects: mathematics, English language, social studies and integrated science. The various subjects were taught by a group of teachers who volunteered their services to help in the program.

The students were put into two groups. The first group comprised the final year students of the Wiaga Senior High School who were preparing to sit their November/December WASSCE (West African Senior School Certificate Examination) and the second group was made up of the second and first students of WIASEC (Wiaga Secondary School) as well as students from other schools.

During the period of the classes, lessons always started at 9:00 am and ended at 12:30 pm. Two subjects were taught each day.

Though, there was not huge patronage of the classes, the lessons were very effective and of high quality. The students themselves have attested to this fact.

On the last day of the classes, there was an open forum for both the teachers and the students to evaluate the classes as well as plan the way forward.

Some of the key factors for the success of the classes included the following: the quality of teaching, the good attitude of the teachers toward their lessons and the students and the commitment of teachers, most of whom had to commute between Sandema and Wiaga almost on a daily basis.

Some of the challenges encountered include the following: low patronage by non-WIASEC students, who thought the classes were solely for students of Wiasec while others also thought the classes were not free and they would be charged a fee.

Another negative point was the absence of teachers who initially had agreed to take part in the classes but suddenly had to attend to other pressing issues, thus leaving the organizers with no time at all to find replacements for them.

On the way forward, it was resolved that the classes should be made a routine activity. Organizers, teachers and participating students also resolved to do better publicity for subsequent vacation classes. On the issue of standing in for other teachers, it was agreed that prior notice should always be given so that replacements can be found whenever a particular teacher was not going to be able to make it to be part of the team.

It is also to be remarked that the open forum was graced by the headmaster for the Wiaga Senior School, Mr. Daniel Alabadek.

He was very grateful to Bulubisa Meina Yeri (BMY) for piloting its vacation classes at his school. He said the doors of the school are always open to such kind gestures from the group and urged the organizers to make the classes a routine activity.

Below is a list of teachers who took part in the teaching.

(1) Adumpo A. Cornelius

(2) Adochim Evans (Tel.: 0207832663/0243006063)

(3) Achaab Christopher (Tel.: 0207271120)

(4) Akandawen Martin (Tel.: 0507176405)

(5) Apentiik Pascal (Tel.: 0206191963)

(6) Achumlebek Roger (Tel.: 0243921088)

(7) Daniel Alabadek (Tel: 0249795802)

(8) Achinkok Dominic (Tel.: 0203063223

(9) Asiibisa Silas (Tel.: 0200333218/0240771260)